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Experience the Highway 1 Discovery Route: Coastal Discovery and Stewardship Celebration January 13, 2017 – February 28, 2017

For the fourth year running, Avila Village Inn will be participating in Coastal Discover and Stewardship Celebration from January 13, 2017 thru February 28, 2017.

Avila Beach is home to more than just humans; gray whales, humpback's, migratory birds, monarch butterflies, sea otters, dolphins and numerous other marine wildlife call Avila Beach home for at least part of the year. 

In an effort to keep wildlife safe and to help teach our visitor’s about our Marine Protected Areas, we invite our guests to enjoy our “Coastal Discovery Package” during California’s Highway 1 Coastal Discovery and Stewardship Celebration

  • Binoculars: So you can enjoy wildlife from a safe distance
  • Viewing Tips: So you can be a savvy eco-traveler
  • Tote-Bag: A re-usable Avila Beach tote bag so you can enjoy shopping in our plastic bag free county
  • Activity Guide: San Luis Obispo County is participating in multiple activities during the Coastal Discovery Celebration.  Our team has put together a fun guide full of over twenty-five eco-friendly activities that you can enjoy within 5 - 20 minutes of our Avila Beach hotel.

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